Race Car Central Update & More…

Well I wanted to make a post where I can be more open about what’s been going on with RCC. If you even bothered to notice, I’ve been absent from the sim racing community for about 2 years. The reason for that was because I moved from New York State way over to California. West Coast baby!

I love the weather out here, the women are beautiful, and I’m not far off from Sonoma. Not bad! During my time away James Hodge and John Rose moved on to other things (real life) so I’m now running this site solo. I did have a new version of RCC made as some of you may have seen, but the site has been under attack from hackers for some time now. They eventually broke the downloads and I’m just tired of trying to block those bastards. I did what I could, even blocked a couple of countries, lol. But in the end, I failed to keep RCC secure and they wrecked it for me. Maybe this way is better off, I don’t know yet, we’ll see.

Now as for me, honestly I’m done focusing on NR2003 for the most part. I enjoy playing and modding other games these days and occasionally I’ll make some logos or track objects for friends of mine which I will post time to time. I needed a portfolio to showcase my work and a blog to show my progression as I work on projects, hence the reason this blog exists. I really enjoy graphic design and 3d modeling still, that’ll never change. If you enjoy that kind of stuff then you may enjoy this blog. And as for all that so-called “politics” in the NR2003 community, screw that shit, I’m not part of it so leave me and this site the hell out of it. Don’t bring none of that crap here because I don’t want it distracting the purpose of this blog. I’m done with that. If you want an idea of what I do these days, just check out the images below. There will be more to come. So for now, enjoy the blog, I’ll catch ya’s around. 😀

Coca-Cola Crate

1975 Temple Chattanooga Coca-Cola shipping crate.



Budweiser cases for Postal 2.


Olde English '800' Bottles

Olde English ‘800’ 40oz bottles for Postal 2. And yeah, they need some serious adjusting, lol.


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