W.I.P. NASCAR Goodyear Tire & Aero Rim

Some of you may have seen this before a few years back when I was working on it before I moved, I just wanted to make another post about it because I haven’t quit working. Before RCC got hacked, this is what I was working on.

GYT_Render_04I updated the mapping so it’s possible to use Bullring’s tire textures with very little to no editing required. The wheel uses multiple textures to ensure it’s possible to include all the details normally not included with other wheels and for closer up renders. I already finished up the lugnuts and valve stem, both actually kinda detailed for not being so relevant. The tire itself uses 3 textures, diffuse, spec, and a normal map. The rim uses 3 textures for now, all diffuse maps. That’s likely to double so I can try to make a better spec map for it. Now I’m about to start work on the brakes. I chose to go with Raybestos brand because I was lucky enough to find blueprints of part of them to help me out.  I also learned the cars use different brakes for the front and rear and they vary between the different kind of tracks. So I have my work cut out for me if I try to model each of those. That’s what makes this fun though. When this is done, I’ll likely release it free for personal/non-commercial use. If someone is wanting to use it commercially for an ad, proposal purpose, commercial game, etc, then a price of $10 isn’t too much to ask for considering the amount of research and hours spent that went into this. I’ll figure out the details of that later. I just want to give everyone a chance to enjoy this model. I’ll keep ya’s updated, enjoy the renders. 😀

EDIT: Looks like instead of Raybestos brakes, I’ll be making some Brembo’s instead after finding a killer 3 view blueprint in their racing catalog. I’m glad i did a little more homework before getting to work, this should save me time and help make them much better.

Without Diffuse map


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