I Hate Brake Calipers!

I kinda ran into issues trying to model the brakes for the wheel. I’m no expert 3d modeler for damn sure, and it shows now that I hit a bump with these calipers. I haven’t quit working on them and I have made some progress, but this is taking a lot more time than I expected. I’m probably gonna take a few days off from working on them so I can relax a bit and get a fresher idea of how to model them. But no worries, they will get done. I love a challenge and that’s exactly what I got now. The only reason this is a pain is because I’m stubborn. I can find numerous other reference photos of calipers, but I’m being certain that the one I model is NASCAR approved and is used by teams. I don’t want to make the mistake of modeling one meant for street cars or some other type of racing. I want to do this right and not half-ass it. So that’s that.

And since I miss having forums already but don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintenance from hackers, I’m gonna set up a new one on a free site and see how it goes. So I’ll keep you guys updated on that. Hell, I’ll probably have it done later on today. And if any of you use Firefox, I made a NR2003 theme for it if you’re interested. Check it out here! Time to get to work on finding some forums, tata!


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