A Bit of a Break

I’ve been taking a break from 3d modeling for a bit to rest my mind. I really need that. I easily get burned out (hence the name) so I often take long breaks from my projects. I’ve been enjoying myself though. I finally got a Wacom again thanks to my friend James Musselwhite (James76) who I have to congratulate for tying the knot. I swore I never thought he’d marry, lol. Ok, maybe I’m messing around there. 😀

I have to say I so miss having a Wacom. Scored a deal on eBay and on the plus side, the USB cord it came with I can use with my camera which I needed for so long. So on top of playing with that, I’ve been trying to brush up on some photography as well. I feel like I often struggle with graphic design. I try and try, but the results just aren’t great and I scrap it. Photography on the other hand, I just seem to flow so often and end up with some cool photos. Here’s a couple I took today on a spur of the moment type deal.

Grass at Sunset 01 Long Grass at Sunset


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  1. And you’ve got burn out in your pictures to0! I like them a lot, especially the upper one – to which that small, green-edged highlight adds a lot. Adrian

    • Thanks! I kinda messed up on them and forgot how to change the f stop settings, but they came out much better than I expected. Can’t wait till I actually remember what I’m doing with the camera, lol.

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