Getting Closer: Aero Rim & Tire Update

As usual my friends, I’ve been slacking. Well, to be fair, I’m sorta slacking. I’ve still been dealing with the same old BS at this room & board. I got nothing nice to say and I’ll probably blow up if I start typing about it so I’ll just zip it for now. I’ll just say that it is certainly effecting my motivation on these projects of mine due to a poor sleep schedule. But whatever, it’s stupid, BLAH! For a lil while now I was working on making a modeled waving flag for NR2003. I actually was able to get it to load in-game but there were some problems, lol. Now try to keep up with me as I get a little bit technical here. The original flag that came with the game was just a simple 2d animation on a plane. There are 3 states (different animations) to the flag, each of which are based on the wind speed at any given track. The speeds are slow, medium , and fast. A friend of mine told me they are basically 5mph, 15, mph, and 30mph. Now to make the new flag, I just had to use the cloth modifier on a plane in 3ds Max and just do the basic flag simulation, no problem. But the problem I have is I can’t just export the model and use a 3rd party program to import it. I have to run it against a script to give it function which is where I became lost. I’ve done some scripting before while I was attempting to make a NASCAR Nationwide Series mod, so I do understand it but there is a major lack of documentation about how to do a ton of things for the game so I have to play around till I find the right combo of code to make it work. While I take a break from that to ease my mind, I decided to work on my rim and tire again, namely the brake caliper this time. As you recall, I was not having luck at all with modeling that. I still haven’t made it accurate, but I did make something that resembles a caliper, lol. That will have to do for now. I just want to finish this thing and get it out there for people to enjoy. But I hate having to half-ass part of it when I put so much work into detailing other parts of it. I tried though. An “A” for effort? LOL! Well, here’s some images of it.

GYT_Render_06 Brakes_Render_01 Brakes_VP_01


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