Motorcycles & Motovloggers

Yikes! It’s been a month since my last blog post? Oops! I have no good reason for that, I’m sorry, I’m excellent at being lazy and it shows. For the past few months I’ve been watching motovloggers on YouTube. I like motorcycles, always have since I was a small kid. I used to just love Harleys, Indians, and them kinds. But after watching those videos I’ve gained much more appreciation for sport bikes. Their ability to be driven in and around town, weaving between cars, and the cool stunts people do, they’re awesome. And the speed… Oh my the speed. I seen one video where I think the guy topped out at like 185-186MPH on the highway. Blew my mind seeing that on a public road without him crashing. There would have been no way to pull that off in a car, not with the traffic. A car would have been too big to maneuver like that and keep momentum.

Those guys making the videos just reignited a long lost passion I used to have for motorcycles. Fuck a cager, give me a damn GSXR 600 and I’m good. The problem I have though is… I’m a poor son of a bitch. Ha! I can’t afford it. I might be able to pull off the yearly fee’s and insurance, but to get enough cash to make the initial purchase. NOPE! So, I think I’ll accept donations now. Anyone wanna help me achieve my dream? Anyone at all? Someone? No? Ah dammit! *Facepalm* Ok so maybe I’m willing to do a little work for the money. Here’s a web design I’ve been playing with with motovloggers in mind. And yeah, I stole the images for now just for show. They certainly will not be included as I have much respect for the motovloggers below. Any feedback on this?

Motovlogger Design

P.S. If anyone is willing to donate, let me know, I do have PayPal.


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