Webdesign – I’m Loving It!

So a couple of weeks ago while I was working on the Motovloggers website design, I seen one of the people I follow on YouTube and Facebook say they were looking to update their site. Kinda funny since I was already working on a design. So I hopped on over and took a look at what he already had and was using. It’s not a bad site, but it’s a far stretch from being a good design, lol. I could kinda see what he was going for, and I managed to get some ideas to start work on my own vision of his site.One of the first things I decided on was that I needed to make the design responsive and easy to use on mobile devices so I knew using Twitter’s Bootstrap was the way to go. I am a novice so it’s taking me some time to adjust to all their set styles and figuring out how to over-ride some with my own. But it’s nothing that is gonna hold me back, I’m good at understanding HTML and CSS, there’s just a ton I still have to learn. I wanted to include the image carousel at the top, so I got that working with 100% width and I even got it to resize on mobile devices. The size needs tweaking though, but that’ll be easy. What I did notice while playing with it on my phone is that I need to learn how to add touch interaction to it so you can just swipe to the next image. Looks like it’ll be another job for java script. And since I brought that up, the need for java script is killing me. I do not know how to do that stuff, that is well beyond what my teenie little brain can comprehend at the moment, lol. I know when I need it and what to use it for, but aside from that, I’m fucking lost. Well, I wanna get back to work on it, just wanted to give ya’s an update on what I’ve been up to. If you want to check out the design, here’s the link, Burnout Designs And check out this motovlogger’s site and YouTube page, this dude is cool as hell and has some very entertaining videos. 6 Foot 4 Honda Official Site 6 Foot 4 Honda YouTube Page


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