It’s Been Months!!!

Holy crap it’s been months since I last posted on here. Not my intention really. For the first few months of the year I had no internet for the most part. It took forever for the landlord to pay the bill. Then once that was back, I was spending a ton of time on Xbox Live playing GTA:V, COD: Ghosts, and Destiny. I wasn’t on my laptop much at all, mainly because my roommate was always playing the Xbox 360 when I wasn’t, lol. And I find it hard to concentrate and focus with noise in the background, so I just left my laptop off for a good while. As you can see though, I’m back on. Well, where to start off now? I’ve been through some shit in my life and I’m continuously tested almost daily. A few weeks ago I lost a friend and roommate to drugs. I’ve been trying to pull myself through that one. Shortly after midnight, I awoke to him making odd sounds, nervously I peeked in his direction and seen he was in full seizure mode. I got up real quick and tried to get a response from him but after a few seconds, I ran out to the living room to get help from another resident here. When we got back to the room he already stopped breathing. I rushed to call 911, and tried to move him to the floor so I can perform CPR, but he was too heavy for me to lift. All I could do was wait for the fire department to show up. Unfortunately he died that night at the age of 32. Left behind a daughter, his mother, brother, and sister. Drugs kill folks. I don’t know why people keep fucking around with shit like heroin and meth. That shit leads to one thing, death. I lost my best friend last year to heroin and now this year I lost a friend to meth. The risks ain’t worth it people. Pull your head out your ass, smell the fresh air, and get yourself to rehab if you’re  on it. Do your loved ones a favor, don’t let them have to bury you.

Where to from here? Well I’d like to do some work on Race Car Central again and update the site design and make it so I can have categories and posts again. There are some small things I’d like to do still for NR2003 and I’m still making logos here and there. 🙂 It would be cool if I can make some scenes again. Though likely not for any newer mods as I don’t feel like having to request permission and shit. I honestly don’t know what’s next for sure as I still haven’t been motivated to do much aside from watching YouTube and playing HayDay all day, lol. But whenever I make some progress or have something to say, I’ll be posting it right here. Catch ya’s later.


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