Dang It!

Ahhhhhhh! Dammit, my smartphone decided to screw me over. I was on Google Play and then suddenly it started crashing over and over again so I turned the phone off and turned it back on to see if it would help… NOPE! Instead, I’m now stuck at the Android boot screen. I already did a factory reset, didn’t work. The phone isn’t rooted, so I’m kinda stuck there. Plus that shit sounds too damn complicated to begin with. I could do it, but damn why does it have to read like Latin? I hate translating, lol.

And as for RCC, I’ll admit, I’ve been slacking again. 🙂 Nah, honestly I just can’t get myself motivated to do any one of 1000’s of things I can do on here. It sucks. I want to get back into the HTML, but I can’t keep focused. Same thing happened with a bunch of 3d stock car models I have. Some of them are damn near complete game models too. I got so far then something happened that required a break and I just couldn’t get back into the groove. Well, hopefully one day I’ll snap out this trend.

I did download CamStudio again. I’d like to try and record some 3d modeling stuff again, but I’m weary that this computer can’t handle the graphic hogging programs at once. But I’ll check it out for sure. I don’t have a mic so it would be another silent video, hopefully I can move slow enough so people can follow what my pointer is doing. Hey, whatever works, right? Aside from my POS phone, all is well. guess I’ll cya’s next time.


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