Nostalgia Gaming Days

The past few days have been full of nostalgia. It started when I was just browsing EA’s Origin store and seen the Command & Conquer set for $5. I don’t have a credit/debit card and my PayPal account has $0.01 but for that price, I walked my ass about 2 miles in 100F heat to get a PayPal My Cash card. All I wanted was Command & Conquer Generals and Zero Hour. Back in the day I spent so many hours non-stop playing that. It’s certainly one of my favorites ever. The only thing that concerned me was the fact that I’m now on Windows 10 and I was unsure if it would even work. But for $5, I sure in hell was going to find out.So I make the purchase and get it downloaded and installed. Expecting the game to crash, I kept my eyes closed as I started it up for the first time in years. Then I heard the sounds from the main menu. I opened my eyes expecting to see screwed up graphics or a black screen to appear as it crashes, but to my surprise, it ran. Not only did it run, it ran damn well. I was now playing a 13 year old game on Windows 10. Knowing that worked, I had a hunch that Windows 10 may be more solid than I believed so I logged on Steam and searched for Postal 2, another game I grew up loving. They recently released an expansion and I’ve yet to check it out so it was time to do so. Turns out I was lucky again and Steam sales were going on so I picked up Postal 2 and Paradise Lost for $3. I downloaded and booted that up, again, works like a charm. So that’s two classics I loved that still work today. To make the day perfect, I went on a search for Battlefield 2, absolutely my favorite FPS. I remembered seeing it on Origin before so I was looking for it but came up empty. I thought that was kinda odd so I did a google search to see if I missed it or they took it down. Sure enough, EA stopped selling it…

“Please note:The online multiplayer matchmaking tech for this game has been provided by GameSpy, who has deactivated this service.. Because multiplayer is a major part of the game’s experience, we have decided to no longer sell Battlefield 2 in its current form. For more details, please read EA’s online service updates page.”

My heart dropped when I read that. As much as I love multiplayer on BF2, single player can be just as much fun. Their logic did not make much sense to me, especially considering it’s EA. I think that’s the first time they have chosen not to try and make more money off something. So ok, they stopped selling it. In that case I doubt they would mind me finding it elsewhere. And that’s exactly what I did. Now I really wasn’t expecting much from this endeavor. I got lucky with CnC and Postal 2 working, but with all the issues I’ve had getting the game to work on other OS’s, it felt like a longshot. I managed to find the complete collection so the install took a while. I started getting optimistic when I didn’t run into any issues. About an hour and half later it was installed and I was about to find out if my favorite FPS still works on a modern OS. Double click the icon, wait a few moments, splash screen pops up, no error, intro videos play, and BOOM! It ran smooth. Oh man did it ever run smooth. I found success. Sure enough single player works great. I even found and downloaded the Allied Intent Extended mod and got that installed. That would surely put the game to the test with 64 player maps (Or was it 32?) on Wake Island 2007 day. It worked awesome! It was a moment of pure nostalgia for me. These games helped me get through the toughest times of my life and to be able to play them again while I’m going through another difficult time means the world to me. If you enjoy these games as much as I do and wonder if Windows 10 will work, the answer is yes. Absolutely yes. Here’s a quick video of me playing BF2 again… And crashing. Enjoy!


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