200px_AvatarBorn and raised in Buffalo, NY, I wasn’t exactly the school type. I had undiagnosed anxiety for much of my teen years which ultimately led to me dropping out at 16. While in school, I couldn’t remain comfortable and the only thing to take my mind off what bully was going to mess with me next was my drawings. I wasn’t a great artist, perhaps above average would be more correct. I enjoyed art. And when I had computer class, I often found myself playing in the paint program when time permitted.

When I got my first computer back in the mid 90’s, I also managed to get a game, NASCAR Racing. While the game didn’t want to work so well on the computer, the paint shop it had allowed me to customize the paint schemes of the cars and I could create my own designs. Unfortunately I had a hardware issue and fried the computer. But that game opened up my eyes to something that later down the road would consume the majority of my time and become part of who I am.

In late 2002, I bought another computer and a copy of NASCAR Racing: 2002 Season, while I struggled at first learning how to properly use a more modern computer, once I caught on, I didn’t look back. In 2003, NASCAR Racing: 2003 Season came out and I started learning about graphic design. I originally used the in-game paint shop and mspaint to make new car schemes, it didn’t take long till I started trying out other programs like Jasc Paintshop Pro and Adobe Photoshop. As much as I enjoyed PSP, Photoshop quickly became my tool of choice since there was so much more support for it.

In 2005 I was approached by a friend to help with a track editing project, little did I know that was going to also help define who I am today. The project was Daytona International Speedway’s new infield. They needed new models to replace the default ones that were no longer there. At the time I never really modeled anything let alone modding a game, but for whatever reason, I took up the project. It was a tough learning experience, but I succeeded. And from that day on, I’ve been working in 3ds Max trying to further expand my skills.

I hope to someday get my name in the credits of a game I love. This blog just might be one of my stepping stones to getting there. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I post and maybe you’ll learn a little from me, that’s always cool to see. Cya in my rear view!


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