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Remaking A Website Design Pt. 2

More coding has been done to bring back the features of the original template.

I spent a good part of the day working on this still. No Holidays off for me! I’m happy with the way it’s looking and performing. I got a lot of the original looks recreated. You can see I’m starting to play around with icons and fonts. That was fun! Read the rest of this entry


Remaking A Website Design


In the past I’ve made it known I don’t care much for flat UI web designs. I’ve always had a thing for designs like the one above. The amount of work of planning the layout, texture work, making it blend well really hit the spot. This is just one of many examples Clan Templates has to offer, FOR FREE! Read the rest of this entry

Enough of the Apps!


Ok websites, I get it, you want me to get the most out of your site by downloading your app. But please tell me this, what makes your app that much better than what I can currently do by visiting your page in a web browser from a desktop? Oh, use a few icons, integration with hundreds of more apps I don’t have the space to download? Give me a break already! Read the rest of this entry

Nostalgia Gaming Days

The past few days have been full of nostalgia. It started when I was just browsing EA’s Origin store and seen the Command & Conquer set for $5. I don’t have a credit/debit card and my PayPal account has $0.01 but for that price, I walked my ass about 2 miles in 100F heat to get a PayPal My Cash card. All I wanted was Command & Conquer Generals and Zero Hour. Back in the day I spent so many hours non-stop playing that. It’s certainly one of my favorites ever. The only thing that concerned me was the fact that I’m now on Windows 10 and I was unsure if it would even work. But for $5, I sure in hell was going to find out. Read the rest of this entry

Dang It!

Ahhhhhhh! Dammit, my smartphone decided to screw me over. I was on Google Play and then suddenly it started crashing over and over again so I turned the phone off and turned it back on to see if it would help… Read the rest of this entry

It’s Been Months!!!

Holy crap it’s been months since I last posted on here. Not my intention really. For the first few months of the year I had no internet for the most part. It took forever for the landlord to pay the bill. Then once that was back, I was spending a ton of time on Xbox Live playing GTA:V, COD: Ghosts, and Destiny. I wasn’t on my laptop much at all, mainly because my roommate was always playing the Xbox 360 when I wasn’t, lol. And I find it hard to concentrate and focus with noise in the background, so I just left my laptop off for a good while. As you can see though, I’m back on. Well, where to start off now? Read the rest of this entry

Webdesign – I’m Loving It!

So a couple of weeks ago while I was working on the Motovloggers website design, I seen one of the people I follow on YouTube and Facebook say they were looking to update their site. Kinda funny since I was already working on a design. So I hopped on over and took a look at what he already had and was using. It’s not a bad site, but it’s a far stretch from being a good design, lol. I could kinda see what he was going for, and I managed to get some ideas to start work on my own vision of his site. Read the rest of this entry

Motorcycles & Motovloggers

Yikes! It’s been a month since my last blog post? Oops! I have no good reason for that, I’m sorry, I’m excellent at being lazy and it shows. For the past few months I’ve been watching motovloggers on YouTube. I like motorcycles, always have since I was a small kid. I used to just love Harleys, Indians, and them kinds. But after watching those videos I’ve gained much more appreciation for sport bikes. Read the rest of this entry

I Hate Brake Calipers!

I kinda ran into issues trying to model the brakes for the wheel. I’m no expert 3d modeler for damn sure, and it shows now that I hit a bump with these calipers. I haven’t quit working on them and I have made some progress, but this is taking a lot more time than I expected. I’m probably gonna take a few days off from working on them so I can relax a bit and get a fresher idea of how to model them. Read the rest of this entry

Race Car Central Update & More…

Well I wanted to make a post where I can be more open about what’s been going on with RCC. If you even bothered to notice, I’ve been absent from the sim racing community for about 2 years. The reason for that was because I moved from New York State way over to California. West Coast baby! Read the rest of this entry