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3ds Max Layers

While many of you are used to right clicking and hiding/unhiding scene elements, larger scenes may require more organization. In that case you want to use layers. Read the rest of this entry


Building a Room

John shows us how to build a simple room in 3ds Max 9. It utilizes AEC extended objects and the daylight system.

How to set up an interior HDRI scene

This tutorial entails how to make a nice coffee mug, unwrap it, texture it, make a HDRI lit scene, create a beauty pass, AO pass, and compile in Photoshop for a great final render.

Mental Ray HDRI Lighting

In this tutorial, John Rose shows you how to light a scene using HDRI using a backplate and having a sunlight shadow.

3ds Max Mental Ray Studio Set Up and Post Process

John shows you how to set up a studio rendering scene in 3ds Max 2012 along with some post-processing for the finishing touches.