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Remaking A Website Design Pt. 2

More coding has been done to bring back the features of the original template.

I spent a good part of the day working on this still. No Holidays off for me! I’m happy with the way it’s looking and performing. I got a lot of the original looks recreated. You can see I’m starting to play around with icons and fonts. That was fun! Read the rest of this entry


Remaking A Website Design


In the past I’ve made it known I don’t care much for flat UI web designs. I’ve always had a thing for designs like the one above. The amount of work of planning the layout, texture work, making it blend well really hit the spot. This is just one of many examples Clan Templates has to offer, FOR FREE! Read the rest of this entry

Webdesign – I’m Loving It!

So a couple of weeks ago while I was working on the Motovloggers website design, I seen one of the people I follow on YouTube and Facebook say they were looking to update their site. Kinda funny since I was already working on a design. So I hopped on over and took a look at what he already had and was using. It’s not a bad site, but it’s a far stretch from being a good design, lol. I could kinda see what he was going for, and I managed to get some ideas to start work on my own vision of his site. Read the rest of this entry